Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Jumping Back In

I’ve been gone so long I hardly know where to begin. We were away for two full weeks and every day deserves its own post! That seems a bit too unwieldy right now so let me start with an easy one:

Congressman Anthony Weiner is a schmuck.

(Yes, all Yiddish puns intended.)

I thought Congressman Weiner was a good politician; a good advocate of the liberal agenda. I honestly thought that while he was bold and brash he worked on the side of the angels. The argument can be made that his private life is just that - private. But his stupid, vain, childish and inappropriate behavior has undermined his efficacy and power in Congress. Thereby effectively vitiating his ability to fully represent his constituents and those of us across the nation who count on his vote.

Now we are learning that Congressman Weiner’s lovely wife Huma Abedin is expecting their first child.

Yup. He is a royal schmuck.


Ms Brown Mouse said...

We've not heard all that much about this chappie, but I gather, from Cookiecrumb, that he sent pics of his rude bits to some ladies. Tool, the man's a total tool!

Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more and welcome back!!!!!!!!!!!!!