Thursday, July 1, 2010

A Place To Start

Ever since the BP oil disaster began in the Gulf of Mexico, I have felt overwhelmed by it. The can-do, girly-girl solution side of me wanted to rig up something involving a giant funnel, a long hose, some duct tape and wrestle the gushing catastrophe into submission. As days turned into weeks I began to despair. I still have no idea when the engineers and scientists will either control and capture the gushing oil or somehow stop it from flowing into the Gulf and damaging or destroying everything in its ever enlarging sprawl.

In the meantime - and I fear for a long, long time to come - people and animals and the Earth need help. Charity Navigator has assembled a list of where we can “Make A Donation To Help Threatened Wildlife, Impacted Ecosystems And Damaged Economies”.
It’s a place to start.


Sue said...

It has really been awful and it's just shocking that man has caused so much devastation to our beautiful planet...

I also did a post on this recently - our minds are on the same track ;) Might also just be that this really seems to be dragging on and on and not much seems to be getting done about it!


Pink Granite said...

Hi Sue -
I think we both reached the same tipping point - you a little earlier than me.
Shocking is the right word - plus infuriating and sickening too.
- Lee