Thursday, December 13, 2007

So Close...

Chuck took this photograph while I was at the wheel. We were less than five miles from our house. We had hoped to beat the snow home, but obviously, we were unsuccessful! The snow is falling at an inch or two an hour. Before the storm is over, we’re expected to get between six and twelve inches of fluffy snow here in the hills of Worcester County. NECN Meteorologist Matt Noyes (truly the best weather guy in all of New England) is promising sun for us to shovel by tomorrow. Then another storm, more of a typical nor’easter, will arrive over the weekend. Yup. It’s definitely winter in New England!

I hope wherever you are reading this, you are safe and sound and happy...


dancingmorganmouse said...

Those of us who live in sub-tropical climes get very excited by snow. I remember the first time Mr Brown & I got caught in a snowstorm in a car. It was in Tasmania, we leapt out, took photos and threw snowballs. The locals thought us mad :)

Anonymous said...

Ok, I just can't stand it.

You and Chuck take these pictures that just evoke wonderful emotions!

Santa Fe doesn't quite elicit the winter feelings I get from my hometown Binghamton, NY.

I got those ol' cosmic homesick blues again. (as I look at our new-age snow shovel... I'll get over it!)

"Guided by the Ancestors"

purpleronnie said...

Wow! This is sooo beautiful! I would so love to have a White Christmas one day! You are so lucky to live in such a beautiful place that snows!

Kate said...

It was certainly pretty, but a horrible commute. It took me 4 hrs and 45 minutes to get home last night--to go only 18 miles.

At one point, my car was in park in front of a house where some middle-school girls were yelling Christmas Carols at the cars. I rolled down my window and joined in...not much else to do!

Pink Granite said...

Hi DMM -
Do you have any idea how exotic "a snowstorm in Tasmania" sounds to my ears?
I love your enthusiastic response to the whole experience!
- Lee

Hi George -
I'm so glad the photos bring back happy memories of Binghamton. I'm just sorry there's such a big dose of homesickness to go along with it!
Perhaps remembering the aches and pains of snow shoveling will restore the balance!
- Lee

Hi Ronnie -
You're right, it is beautiful.
But no one has figured out how to get only lovely light and fluffy snow, to fall everywhere but roadways, driveways and walkways!

We too, love a white Chrustmas. But....
we want the snow to fall early enough so that we can get it all cleaned up before a sunny Christmas Day dawns!!!
I guess that just proves New Englanders are humans in good standing: we want to have our cake and eat it too!

Hope you get your White Christmas wish some day soon!
- Lee

Hi Kate -
OMG! I wondered how you and Phil were doing with your commutes. I heard Carrie had an equally horrendous time on her parking-lot-of-a-ride-home!
I love that you joined in with the impromptu carolers! That must have helped to brighten your spirits - and they were lucky to have your fine voice in the mix!

Get ready to batten down the hatches on Sunday!
- A.L.

Sue said...

Safe, sound, mostly happy and WARM!! Looks far too cold to be outdoors where you live!! It does look beautiful though and it must be amazing to have a white Christmas. We normally end up in the swimming pool on Christmas morning!

Pink Granite said...

Hi Sue -
It sometimes does feel too cold to be outdoors! We had to cut our walk short the other night when it was just 14 above (-10 C) and windy!

We don't always have a white Christmas. One year, when I was just a kid, it was so warm we had the doors and windows open. But Dad still had a fire in the fireplace!

I've spent every Christmas here in New England, except for one. And that one I spent in frigid Minnesota! But a morning swim in the sunshine does sound very tempting!
- Lee