Saturday, December 8, 2012

Happy Chanukah!

Tonight, just after sundown, Chanukah began!

Enjoy this lovely song from the Barenaked Ladies:

Here are two places to find lots of information about Chanukah. One is and the other is the Union for Reform Judaism. The URJ Chanukah page is new this year.

As for the spelling... Chuck and I settled on “Chanukah” many years ago. But Hanukkah is also quite common. I’ve seen Chanukkah and Hannukah too. Because all of these are transliterations from the Hebrew, you have some leeway on the spelling!


Anonymous said...

Happy Chanukah!

And thanks again for the Advent Calendar, I look forward to it every year.


Pink Granite said...

Thanks Gail!
And you are most welcome.
"The Cottage" and all the interactive features this year are pretty cool. I'm guessing you made stockings for Isabella, Finn and, of course, Chloe!
- Lee