Sunday, October 30, 2011

October Nor’easter

We drove home from my aunt’s memorial service in Rhode Island to find at least 14 inches of heavy wet snow carpeting our town. Our area also remains without power. Thankfully, we lost only one tree limb and there appears to be no damage to the house or barn. But the bushes, small trees and shrubs are another matter. We will know more as the week moves on and warmer weather moves back in. But at the moment, it appears that the damage for our property may be worse than the ice storm of December 2008.

The neighbors down the road were kind enough to let us park our car in their driveway until we could make a clear path down our own. We had packed shovels in the car so we walked back to our house and commenced the wintry work. Chuck hauled out the snowblower and cleared the driveway of snow. I set out to remove as much snow from the shrubbery as I could. In some places it meant shoveling lots of snow off where the branches were splayed and then digging out the tips from where they were buried near the ground. Each one that sprang back up without snapping was a little victory.

That done we were able to back the car up the driveway and into the barn. Then Chuck got the generator chugging away and we now have electricity, heat and running water. The temperature inside the house had fallen only to 49F/9C and the freezer had not gotten above 15F/-9C both of which were pretty darn good.

We know we are lucky and we are grateful.


Ms Brown Mouse said...

Welcome to Winter :)
I can see living with it would be a pain, but from this side of the world it just looks so exciting.

Pink Granite said...

Hi DMM -
It's crazy to have this much snow so long before winter starts!
As for "exciting", it certainly can be. When we come through it well, when we accomplish what we need to, then the success of the work can be exhilarating.

Sue said...

Oh my word! What a "warm" welcome home! Glad to hear that you've got the generator out and that things are warming up. Jake and I were just speaking about the snow and cold in Lapland and we would love to have another snowy holiday sometime, but like DMM - I can't imagine living with it!! Bring on the summer...

Sue X

PS. Lovely pics and tales (mostly) of your trip, glad you're home safely.

Kate said...

This is not winter! It is only Halloween! I cannot believe this storm- and that you got as much snow as you did. Unreal. Luckily we have power- I hope yours is back soon!