Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Well, we call them Katydids, but the scientists say they are part of the Tettigoniidae family.
Yup. Katydids it is!

Oops! I should have put a link in for the Katydid. They look like grasshoppers, but are actually more closely related to crickets.


Sue said...

Sorry if I'm duplicating my comment - something bombed out on my pc...

Did you guys make up the name Katydid, or is that a common name? Here we just call them grasshoppers, if they're little, or locusts if they're big.

Love the picture, especially the wood.

Sue X

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Sue, I think Katydids are more like crickets than grasshoppers - but I could be wrong!
Lee - such a pretty wee crawlie!

Sue said...

Maybe... but our crickets are brown and flat, more like a cockroach (my worst)... the politics of bugs :)

Pink Granite said...

Hi Sue & DMM -
Oops! I should have put a link in for the Katydid.

Katydids are what we call them in the US. Apparently they are called bush-crickets if one is using British English.

They look a lot like grasshoppers, but scientifically are more closely related to crickets.

They are much larger than and have have much longer antennae than our grasshoppers, but really look nothing at all like our little black crickets!
- Lee

Ms Brown Mouse said...

No, they don't look anything like the little black crickets. I wonder if they sing like them!