Friday, November 20, 2009

One Voter

I liked Ted Kennedy. I liked him a lot. I respected the work he did in the Senate. I admired the way he wore the label “Liberal” proudly. I mourned his passing. I was satisfied with the appointment of Paul Kirk as our interim senator. But I cannot get excited about this senatorial special election. Perhaps worse still, I haven’t made up my mind about who to vote for. And the primary is on Tuesday, December 8, 2009!

Here are the candidates webpages:
Scott P. Brown - R
Michael E. Capuano - D
Martha Coakley - D
Alan A. Khazei - D
Stephen G. Pagliuca - D
Jack E. Robinson - R

Here are the candidates Twitter pages:
Scott P. Brown, R
Michael E. Capuano - D
Martha Coakley - D
Alan A. Khazei - D
Stephen G. Pagliuca - D
Jack E. Robinson - R
Some of their Tweets are quite interesting!

Two Boston Globe reports on the candidates federal financial disclosure forms caught my attention:
Senate Candidates Disclose Assets
and the follow up
Coakley Admits To Federal Filing Error

I’ve seen lots of television advertisements for the four Democrats, but so far none for the two Republicans. Truthfully, even though I’m still a lower case “i” registered independent, I am a progressive, so I can’t imagine voting for either of the Republicans. I know tons of money is being spent on this campaign, but so far, for this voter, not only is the steak hard to find, there isn’t even very much sizzle.

I think I’d like a chart that states the six candidates positions on a list of key issues.

Geezalu! Even that sounds boring as sin!

Anyone have any thoughts or recommendations?


Anonymous said...

there is another candidate Joe Kennedy. He is unenrolled and will be on the January ballot.

Roo said...

Think out the box and vote for the one that ticks the most boxes with;

1) Name three things you dislike about yourself

2) Name 5 people dead or alive you would have to dinner

3) Give me the cost of 10 Grocery items

4) How big is the gas tank on your car

5) Name the last 3 books you read

6) Why did Japanese soldiers, discovered on islands years after the war was over, have no teeth?

7) Make something out of a square of paper

8) Favourite meal (anyone that mentions a fast food outlet is automatically out of favour)

9) Do you have a passport

10) Can you keep a child amused for 15 minutes with just your imagination. i.e. Can you recite a nursery rhyme, or favourite child story etc

I just think questions like this, on top of the candidates obvious political nous, will give everyone a fair idea of how they think from a non political more human dynamic. They should be able to think on their feet, have some sort of general knowledge, and be open about themselves... it'll never happen of course but it would be fun to see it tried out!

Pink Granite said...

Hi Anonymous -
Thanks for the information.

Here's a link to the Libertarian candidate Joe Kennedy (no relation to the more famous Kennedy family):
Here's a link to his Twitter page:

Hi Roo -
I like the idea of out of the box questions! Sometimes the candidates' regurgitation of their policy positions begins to sound like the speed reading legal qualifiers at the end of commercials!
- Lee